Tuesday, December 11, 2007


The devil wears Prada?!?!
(Does that mean the Devil is female...or gay?)
If I was the devil I don't know how or where I would get such brand name items.
Steal them from the souls of those sent
To forever dwell in my fiery hell?
Also, those high heels would get
Severely unwelcome after a decade or so.

Mmm and a little rant about Tide-to-go
My friend recently used it on her wallet...
And it stained it.
I told her she was supposed to
Test in in an inconspicuous spot.
But what if you have a GRAPE stain...
On your new shirt
While you're on your way to a very important job type situation
And you can't change?
Then what if your precious Tide-to-go
Would ruin your shirt?
What are you supposed to do?
Run around being Mr.Grape stain all day?
Tide to go...needs to go!