Wednesday, December 13, 2006


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So Whats The Deal With English?
Its Such A Screwed Up Language.
No Wonder Foreign People Can't Speak It Well.
Its Not A Language That Has Rules With Exceptions
Its A Language That's Exceptions With Rules.
It Makes No Sense.
There's Too Many Things To Know.
It Takes Years To Even Remotely Master The Language.
Whereas Languages Such As Spanish And French Are Straightforward.
They Have Specific Rules To Be Followed
And Learning Them Is Simple If You Try.
So Congratulations To Whoever Contributed To The Creation Of English.
Good Job On Screwing Over The World
And Making Things Complicated.
Let's Be Best Friends?

Friday, December 8, 2006


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Do You Ever Sit And Think About What The Future Will Be Like?
Because If You Look Right Now Alot Of The Old Trends
Are Coming Back In Style.
So Is Society Going To Be Circling Through A Never-ending Cycle
Of Bringing Old Fashions Back In And Out Of Style?
Or Will We Eventually Develop New Things?
Lol Like 30 Years From Now We Could All Be
Walking Around Wearing Bell Bottoms And Flowers In Our Hair
Thinking We're The Hottest Thing Since The Beatles.
I Like To Think In A More Science-Fiction Sort Of Way Though.
Like Wearing Neon Rings In Outrageous Hairdo's That Defy Gravity.
Dressing In Shiny Tight Jumpsuits Before Zooming Off To Work In A Hover Car.
I Don't Know...
We'll Just Have To Wait And See.

Thursday, December 7, 2006


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What To Talk About Today?
Long Bubbly Baths Are Excitable =)
I Rather Enjoy Them, Profusely.
I've Had One Everyday.
Sometimes Twice!
And I Put Shower Gel In When The Water Is Running.
So There's Bubbles And It Smells Gorgeous.
Then I Relax.
Sometimes I Read.
Usually I Read Actually.
So That's How I've Been Spending My Nites =)
Don't Be Jealous.

Friday, December 1, 2006


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Word Gangstas.
Oh The World Of Strange Ways Of Twisting Your Body
In Ways That They Never Should Be Able To Be Twisted.
Like Having A *Triple Jointed Thumb* =)
Except Now I Feel Like I'm Stealing From All The Animals
That Don't Have Opposable Thumbs At All.
Why Should I Have Triple Jointed Thumbs When They Don't Have One?
It's Seriously Harshing My Gig.
So I'm Going To Throw A Grease Party.
It's Going To Be The Sweetest Thing Since...Sugar Candy =D
And Grease As In The Broadway Play About Kids In The 50s
Not The Result Of 2 Weeks Of Unwashed Hair.
Nasty =/

Friday, November 24, 2006


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Hey Ya'll =)
So I'm Starting A Blog.
Cause My Family Doesn't Update Theirs Lots
And Mine Will Own Anyways.
I Mean Come On...
Think About It.
Yeah...That's What I Thought.

It's Really Cold Out Today.
How Fast Does Skin Freeze?
Like Before There's Damage?
And If You're Walking...
Can Your Toes Freeze?
Or Does Walking Create Enough Movement
For Like...Blood Flow?