Friday, November 24, 2006


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Hey Ya'll =)
So I'm Starting A Blog.
Cause My Family Doesn't Update Theirs Lots
And Mine Will Own Anyways.
I Mean Come On...
Think About It.
Yeah...That's What I Thought.

It's Really Cold Out Today.
How Fast Does Skin Freeze?
Like Before There's Damage?
And If You're Walking...
Can Your Toes Freeze?
Or Does Walking Create Enough Movement
For Like...Blood Flow?


Shawn said...

Hey Krys,

I believe your toes can freeze while you are walking because on the movie 8 Below they got frostbite and they were hiking (of course, it was Antarctica during a severe storm so it was probably like -60)

sarah said...

aha oh goodness. you are a special girl