Friday, December 8, 2006


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Do You Ever Sit And Think About What The Future Will Be Like?
Because If You Look Right Now Alot Of The Old Trends
Are Coming Back In Style.
So Is Society Going To Be Circling Through A Never-ending Cycle
Of Bringing Old Fashions Back In And Out Of Style?
Or Will We Eventually Develop New Things?
Lol Like 30 Years From Now We Could All Be
Walking Around Wearing Bell Bottoms And Flowers In Our Hair
Thinking We're The Hottest Thing Since The Beatles.
I Like To Think In A More Science-Fiction Sort Of Way Though.
Like Wearing Neon Rings In Outrageous Hairdo's That Defy Gravity.
Dressing In Shiny Tight Jumpsuits Before Zooming Off To Work In A Hover Car.
I Don't Know...
We'll Just Have To Wait And See.

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